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Historic Racing Club
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New Zealand Historic Muscle Cars Inc.

For Vehicle with Engines Larger than 3 Litres

Regulations to MNZ Schedule T and C Manual 34

Contact        Dale Mathers 07-578-8852, dmathers@xtra.co.nz



Firstly, we don't consider this a racing class, as there is absolutely no emphasis placed on winning races, or championships. Historic Muscle Cars wasn't created for people as a springboard to show off their driving abilities. In fact, although we have a series, we don't reward race wins. We don't have points, and we don't have a championship. Historic Muscle Cars was created for enthusiasts of competition muscle cars, who have an interest in motorsport history, who want to prepare and present their cars as race cars were in the 1960s and early '70s, and compete in a no-pressure environment against like-minded enthusiasts who rate having fun above winning races.

The intent of Historic Muscle Cars is to present race cars as similarly as possible to those that competed in New Zealand and Australian saloon car racing and American Trans-Am racing from 1965 to 1974. To be eligible, cars must be 3,000cc and over, and there must have been a minimum 100 identical units produced prior to December 31, 1977.

The cars must retain their original bodywork, and the bodywork in all respects must be of the same material as when the car left the factory. Only factory standard and factory option aerodynamic aids are allowed. Tyres must be a minimum of 50 profile on 15" wheels, but many competitors are opting to gain an exact period-correct look by running cross-ply tyres, just as Allan Moffat, Bob Jane, Red Dawson, Paul Fahey, Rod Coppins, Norm Beechey, Pete Geoghegan and others did during the period HMC is replicating. Period-correct style wheels are encouraged, such as Minilites, American Racing, and Daisy mags, as are period paint schemes.

Only vehicles listed on the Vehicle Eligibility List are eligible to race with Historic Muscle Cars. However, if you have a vehicle or are planning to build a vehicle you consider fits within the spirit of HMC, and which isn't currently listed, please Contact Us and your request will be fully assessed.

If you're a muscle car enthusiast, with an interest in motorsport history, and the way cars were built and presented during the 1965 to 74 era, and you fancy having fun in a no-pressure environment against like-minded enthusiasts, then Historic Muscle Cars could be the class for you.


 Mustang Information


Hi Under 3 Litre Saloons

Arthur has stepped aside and i temporally will take over and help run your under 3 litre Saloon car group, just because I race a big old Mustang doesn't mean im not interested in small saloons, this is not the case as growing up I owned plenty of small Fords before I moved into American cars but my true real interest is "Historic" saloon car racing no matter the vehicle and you guys are a part of this historic racing family. First I want to thank Arthur for his input into this group as it always takes someone to step up and start these things, unfortunately the way old car motor-sport is in NZ its never going to be easy and I know that first hand and have no doubt it will continue to be difficult but it is a passion.

The first thing I identified is a suitable name change, so from now on the U3L pre 78 cars will be known as "Historic Saloon Cars" so when HSC is mention i/we mean you!! we are defiantly going to be a Saloon car class only and we want all saloons that raced in the era of NZ and Australian motor-sport to be a part of HSCs, this was mainly Minis, Escorts, Alfas, BMWs, Mazda's, Datsuns, and some Porsches, etc and in addition to HMC we will add an eligibility list(soon) to HMCs website listing the compliant vehicles but at this stage I dont know of any non-complying HSC saloons so if in doubt please E-mail me direct.

Just like HMC the object is to have historically compliant vehicles to race amongst ourselves without the interference of over modified non-conforming cars and to help keep this in order a COD is required, most will have them. Remember whether HMC or HSC we are only about "Historic" and "Classic" saloon racing and nothing more, we are about "the history" which when looking back was a

huge part of our motor-sport heritage, Mustangs to Mini's doing battle, it was epic times when the Cars were the Stars and the drivers became legends.

The first order of business is our next event, this is just around the corner and is the TACCOC one day historic meeting at Pukekohe, Saturday October 4th(lets hope for better weather) so please get entered online as soon as possible at www.motorsportentry.com and please come and make yourself known to me that weekend. Once again any questions feel free to E-mail or call the PH numbers below. As a matter of interest for this event we will have a long standing NZ racer who hasn't raced for many years trying his hand at historic motorsport for the first time in his newly refurbished RX2 Mazda that he's owned since 1978, this is exactly what we are about.

And Oh Yeah, when you HSC cars pass us HMC cars please make sure you wave(especially when its wet) :)


Dale Mathers, HMC director

42d Koromiko Street


Ph (07) 578-8852

Mob (027) 4949-342




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